About Us

The story of Southwest Sweeper Sales begins with the immigration of Dimitris Zannis from an island in the east Mediterranean of Greece, Xios. This is where he built his foundation of life, family and work ethic. He arrived in Arizona on February 22, 1975 with great expectations to become successful. Immediately after he arrived, the birth of Dimitris Service Company began with a push broomand shovel inthe parking lot at a shopping center. Hisfirst business struggled as most first businesses do, however, Dimitris' determination eventually led to the purchase of the first riding sweeper in 1977. The company incorporated in 1985 as Dimsco Inc and grew exponentially into a multi-million dollar company with a large fleet of sweepers. Dimitris decided to retire in April 2000 and sold Dimsco Inc.

Not one to sit around, Dimtris decided to find analternative to contract sweeping - selling sweepers. Southwest Sweeper Sales was established in November 2000 more or less as happenstance. What started out as a hobby grew into a successful business. Today Southwest Sweeper Sales sells and supports six different product lines nationally and internationally with a full-time sales staff, maintains a full service shop on and off-site, has a comprehensiveparts department for all makes and models and is continuing to expand.