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Trek Walk Behind Torsion TB4 Scrubber


The Torsion TB4 Walk-Behind Scrubber brings a new level of efficiency to the automatic scrubber market. With its oversized, dual 40-gallon solution and recovery tanks, this unique cleaning machine is able to keep you scrubbing longer with fewer delays for emptying and refilling of tanks. That translates directly into increased productivity! The innovative articulated (bends in the middle) steering provides increased
maneuverability, improved handling, and allows for 150 degrees of turning freedom with 100% water pick-up. The “Total Control” zone steering system features a steering wheel for easier operation and decreased
driver fatigue. The TB4 Scrubber has greater stability thanks to its four-wheel base rather than conventional casters in the rear of the machine. This feature also provides increased traction without the concern of
damaging the floor. For debris pick-up, optional dual cylindrical scrubbing brushes are also available.


DSCF6923 DSCF7037

*Click for Torsion TB4 Scrubber Spec and Info sheet


Trek Radial Forklift Sweeper


The TREK Radial sweeper is the newest innovation in high capacity cleaning. Designed to operate in conjunction with any forklift, the Radial mounts in just minutes for quick and efficient cleaning and easy debris disposal. Simply raise the forks to elevate the sweeper and dump it directly into any standard dumpster. This high performance sweeper is equipped for indoor and outdoor use and can maneuver equally well in tight spaces or large areas. The Radial is more efficient, more reliable, and more economical. At a cost of about 70% less than a traditional rider sweeper, the TREK Radial compares feature-to-feature with the

finest riding sweepers on the market.


Trek Forklift SweeperTrek Forklift

*Click for Radial Forklift Sweeper spec and Info sheet